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GooseAI makes deploying NLP services easier and more accessible for creative technologists building products on top of large language models. In short, GooseAI is a fully managed inference service delivered via API. With feature parity to other well known APIs, GooseAI delivers a plug-and-play solution for serving open source language models at the industry's best economics by simply changing 2 lines in your code.

Getting Started

To begin testing or deploying the GooseAI service for your product, you’ll need to set up an account. It’s free, and easy, and should take less than a minute. Click here to signup.

GooseAI Playground

We’ve created an AI Playground environment for casual experimentation with the models on the platform. Here you can try different tunable parameters, and get a feel for the coherence of a given model for your use case. Click here to access it and give it a try!

API Access

  • Once your account has been created and you’ve logged in, you can generate a “secret key” to grant access to the GooseAI API.

  • Click here to go directly to the API Key management page on your Dashboard.

  • To generate the “secret key” which will provide access to the API, click on Create API Key. This secret key will now be usable to access and make requests against the GooseAI API. Please keep this key secure, as its usage will incur charges against your account and balance.

Product Features

Prompts and Completions

The Completions API is a predictive, rule-based text generation tool. This tool uses the Prompt supplied by your request to create an intelligent prediction and complete the body of text. This can be used for simple things like completing a sentence, to writing a full body of text, all from a simple input Prompt.

Completions API Endpoint: https://api.goose.ai/v1/engines/[model]/completions

Click here for the GooseAI API Reference Guide.